Nepal shows helping hand to Sri Lanka; provides aid worth $10,000 in disasters hit zones
 Source : News Bharati English  Date : 22-May-2016

Kathmandu, May 22: The Nepal government has extended an assistance of US dollars of 100,000 to Sri Lanka for the relief operations in the disasters-hit zones. Torrential rains in Sri Lanka has forced over 375,000 from their homes and stranded thousands in the worst flooding to hit the island nation in decades.

The government estimates 200,000 of the displaced are from the capital of Colombo alone, where on Saturday, 21 May, the country's military continued efforts to reach survivors clinging to rare dry patches and the upper floors of their homes. 
Small rescue boats could be seen in the city cruising flooded streets, rescuing hundreds from neighbourhoods where cars once drove.

At least 82 have died from the flooding and two accompanying landslides, believed to be the worst to hit the country in 25 years. Officials say 127 are still missing in the landslides, which left feet of mud in their wake.

Nepal expressed its deep sorrow on the loss of human lives and property in Sri Lanka due to the flooding and landslides triggered by the heavy rainfall, reports Lanka Page.

“At this hour of tragic loss, the government said it stands firmly with the people and government of Sri Lanka”, government of Nepal said these as a token of its solidarity.