Pakistan and Afghanistan face conflicts over establishment of gate on Torkham border
 Source : News Bharati English  Date : 15-Jun-2016

Kabul, June 15: Neighbours Pakistan and Afghanistan are facing conflicts at the Torkham border crossing from last few days. A heavy clash is underway between the Afghan and Pakistani forces as the deadlock over the establishment of a gate by Pakistani forces have entered into the third day. Torkham border has an important border crossing which is used by people of both the nations for travelling.
In the clash, one Pakistani major Jawad Changezi has been killed while two Afghan soldiers are declard dead. 30 others are said to be injured. Afghan forces prevented the Pakistani forces to install a gate along the zero point of Durand Line which initiated the conflict. Afghan President Mohammad Ashraf Ghani chaired the National Security Council (NSC) meeting amid persistent tense situation in Torkham and security situation of the country.

The Office of the President, ARG Palace, said the issue of violations by Pakistani forces in Torkham was discussed during the meeting and called the move by Pakistan against the international norms.

Calling the move as a matter of concern, the National Security Council insisted that the issue should be resolved through diplomatic ways while praising the Afghan forces for their high level of readiness to protect the country and national interests of Afghanistan.

The US State Department officials have said the United States is watching very closely the growing tensions between the Afghan and Pakistani forces in Torkham. In response to a question regarding the tense situation in Torkham, State Department spokesperson, John Kirby said “We are all watching the tensions very closely, that we are in touch with officials on both sides.”

The Afghan government criticized Pakistan for taking unilateral steps by working on military installations along the zero point in Durand Line, calling it a move against the bilateral agreement. Several people have lost their lives during the clashes in the past three, including a senior Pakistani army officer who died due to wounds he sustained in the clash.