British MP Cox died of injuries sustained in shooting
 Source : Agencies  Date : 17-Jun-2016

Yorkshire, June 17: Jo cox on Thursday afternoon was killed when she was doing a rally EU referendum campaign in the village of Birstall on the outskirts of Leeds in West Yorkshire. Jo cox 41 years of age, mother of two young children and Member of Parliament for Bately and Spen and belong to Opposition Labour Party. According to sources she is shot three times back to back and then stapped several times by middle aged person.
As the Yorkshire came into action and arrested 52 year old man, a suspected killer, named as Tommy Mair. Police had recovered all the weapons and firearm, he also attacked 77 year old bystander who sustained without any danger or no serious injuries. In the investigation, according to the local people, killer shouted “Britain First” the name of a far-right political group before attacking on Ms. Cox, but however the same organization has denied any kind of role involvement in this case.

Embeded ObjectThe whole country is stunned by this killing and pays tribute to Ms. Cox. Prime Minister David Cameron and Leader of the Opposition Jeremy Corbyn led the tributes to Ms. Cox. Mr. Cameron, who cancelled a planned EU campaign meeting in Gibraltar after hearing the news, called the murdered MP a “star”. He said “The death of Jo Cox is a tragedy. She was a committed and caring MP. My thoughts are with her husband Brendan and her two young children,” Mr. Corbyn said, “The whole of the Labour party and Labour family — and indeed the whole country is in shock at the horrific murder of Jo Cox today.”