Source: Agencies30 Jun 2016 11:11:27

New Delhi, June 30: Due to China’s interference India was not able to make itself a member of NSG group after trying hard to obtain membership. China remained stubborn till the last in Seoul, India obtained membership in MTCR (Missile Technology Control Regime) few days before, as India is a very responsible country and has a good track record of not having any kind of disputes. NSG (Nuclear Suppliers Group) membership according to India’s perspective is very important so that the dealings of nuclear technologies, high end techniques can be obtained by this membership in order to make itself among the superpower country in the whole world which definitely help India to fight with terrorism etc. United States expresses disappointment over India’s failure to become a member of NSG. United States regretted this on Wednesday of whatever happened in Seoul.
U.S. Under Secretary for Political Affairs, Tom Shannon said, “We regret that in Seoul, we and India were unable to open the space necessary to allow India to the NSG at this moment but we are not giving it up." one country can break consensus in a consensus-based organisation, while asserting that such a member should be held accountable. He also added. Shannon further described India as a responsible and important player in the sphere of nuclear non-proliferation. He further said "India's recent entry into the MTCR from our point of view highlights that India is an important and responsible player in the world of non proliferation and so we want to have a strengthened position."

He also said, “U.S. believes that India through its work in the Civil Nuclear Agreement is worthy of a place in NSG.”  United States and India need to sit down and take a close look at what happened at Seoul. He also said managing the rise of China is a major challenge and that the US wants to work with India to have a strong and comprehensive presence in the Indian Ocean, China is doing just a madness.  

Embeded ObjectIndia has given a commitment to ratify the climate deal. India is trying hard yet to earn the membership in NSG and hopes to get it till the end of this year before the tenure of Obama as a President gets over.