Supreme Court refuses to recognize gay, lesbian and bisexual persons in ‘Third gender’ category
 Source : News Bharati English  Date : 30-Jun-2016

New Delhi, June 30: The Supreme Court refused to recognize that gay, lesbian and bisexual persons are included in the ‘Transgenders’ or Third gender category on Thursday. The transgenders were recognized as third category of gender in 2014 by the apex court. This was to facilitate them with voters ID, passport and driving license and accordingly the Centre and the states were ordered to put it into implementation.
A modification was asked by the centre in the judgment given by the SC in 2014. It opined that it could not implement the judgment as in one of the paragraphs, lesbian, gay and bisexual persons were put along with transgender persons in the third gender category. However, a bench headed by Justice AK Sikri made it clear that there should not be any confusion as it clearly states that lesbian, gay and bisexual persons do not fall under category of third gender.

“The grammatical meaning of ‘transgender’, therefore, is across or beyond gender. This has come to be known as an umbrella term, which includes gay men, lesbians, bisexuals, and cross-dressers within its scope. However, while dealing with the present issue we are not concerned with this aforesaid wider meaning of the expression transgender,” the SC had said.

The decision is taken so that the transgenders make a good place in national mainstream which will help remove the social and economical problems faced by them like fear, shame, social pressure, depression and social stigma.