Source: Agencies04 Jun 2016 20:32:34

New Delhi, June 4: Volkswagen on Saturday said it will recall 1.90 lakh cars sold in India starting next month to fix the emission software. The company said that the recall is purely voluntary in nature as it did not face any charges regarding violating emission norms in India unlike the US. From July, customers will be contacted regarding the recall. The company also needs approval of the regulator for the recall.
"Starting from the second half of 2016, Volkswagen will recall 1.90 lakh cars and continue till ten months," Volkswagen India head of marketing Kamal Basu said. "Since recall was done in the US to fix the emission software, the company decided to do also the same in India to keep updated with the changes made outside," he added. Volkswagen complied with all the emission norms compliant with Bharat Stage IV standards, Basu further said.

The German auto major had admitted use of defeat device in 11 million diesel engine cars sold in the US, Europe and other global markets that allowed manipulation of emissions tests by changing the performance of the vehicles to improve results. When the emission scandal broke out in the US, Volkswagen India saw a drop in sales but now the trend has reversed, according to firm.