Source: News Bharati English06 Jun 2016 13:19:54

Itanagar, June 6:  In his message to the people of the state on the eve of World Environment Day, Arunachal Pradesh Governor JP Rajkhowa called for using renewable energy sources instead of firewood to protect the environment. He stated that the Government and people of the beautiful State should join hands together to promote and use renewable energy sources, like solar energy, biogas, LPG, wind power, hydropower on selective basis instead of firewood which directly affects our forest wealth. 
Expressing his concern over rapid deforestation activities contributing to global warming, the Governor appealed to plant more and more trees to preserve and protect the nature-gifted pristine green environment. To address the global warming and for a healthy climate, the people have to preserve the greeneries, the rivers, springs, the hills and the valleys, the flora, fauna and wildlife, Rajkhowa said.

He hoped the occasion will create more awareness on the importance of green environment, its flora, fauna and wildlife. The indigenous communities, which have healthily co-existence with nature since time immemorial, need to continue the excellent traditions of balanced developmental process enriching the gifts of nature, news agency The Arunachal Times reported.

He hoped the Department of Environment and Forest will strive for creating more awareness to preserve, protect and promote the bio-diversity and serene environment in everyone’s interest. PRO to Governor