Source: News Bharati English07 Jun 2016 11:27:36

New Delhi, June 7: Arunachal Pradesh Chief Minister Kalikho Pul on Monday called on Union Finance Minister Arun Jaitley and pleaded him for one-time financial grant of Rs 5214.28 crores, pending to the state to carry out infrastructure development plans and meet the social sector challenges. The Chief Minister said the amount has been pending due to various liabilities created during the previous government.
“Out of the total amount, Rs 1801 crore were the liabilities created by the previous government and Rs 1264.22 crore liabilities created under the CSS schemes. Also, the state inherited a shortfall of Rs 2149.06 crore in the central share of taxes acquired over the two years,” said the CM in a brief meeting with the Union Finance Minister. Union Minister of State for Home Affairs Kiren Rijiju was also present in the meeting.

Pul further said that, “a liability of Rs. 2421 crores was created in the financial year 2014-15, which was carried forward in 2015-16. Of this, over Rs.1400 crores pertained to liabilities of Special Plan Assistance, 13th Finance Commission Grants, NEC, Civil Deposit and NLCPR schemes.” He informed that Rs 968 crores of liabilities were cleared last year since funding could not be stopped midway for several on-going development projects, which had a cascading impact on the resource position in the year 2015-16.

Further liabilities were created in the Financial Year 2015-16 to the extent of Rs.1801 crores, which were brought forward in the current financial year due to mindless spending by the previous government, said the CM and added that the state’s poor financial management resulted in an overdraft scenario to the tune of Rs. 581.38 crores for a prolonged period in 2015-16.

The Chief Minister informed that in the financial year 2015-16, the state received Rs. 7075.58 crores as share of Central Taxes as against the 14th Finance Commission (FFC) recommendation of Rs. 7936.16, leaving a short fall of Rs. 860.58 crores, news agency The Arunachal Times reported.

Similarly in the Union Budget 2016-17 there has been a lesser provision and the state has been allocated a sum of Rs. 7868.94 crores as against the FFC recommendations of Rs. 9157.42 crores, thereby resulting in a short provisioning of Rs. 1288.48 crores, informed the CM.

The resource scarce state has been deprived of a total of Rs. 2149.06 crores for the last two years on the account of FFC grants alone, he stressed. To make matters worse, Arunachal has received only Rs. 1980.78 crores under CSS in 2015-16 as against a commitment of Rs. 3245 crores, with a shortfall of Rs. 1264.22 crores, thereby adversely affecting crucial development projects, the CM observed.

Large part of the central grants were utilized under non-plan expenditures such as salaries, wages, maintenance of roads & bridges, power purchase, etc., which amounted to Rs. 7660.38 crore during 2015-16 and is estimated at Rs. 9358.06 crore during 2016-17, the CM added.