Relief camps into full swing as Kerala witnesses extensive damage due to rains
 Source : News Bharati English  Date : 09-Jun-2016

Kollam, June 9: As south west monsoon intensifies, many areas in south of Kerala are under flood prone risk. District Collector of Kollam has declared a holiday today for all educational institutions except professional colleges due to heavy rainfall. The state has witnessed property loss in several regions of southern part of the state as per reports.
The Met office stated that heavy rains will continue pour till Sunday in these parts of Kerala. The chance of winds with a speed reaching up to 60 kms in the state is also high. According to the weather reports, with the increase in the wind speed, the Monsoon too will become stronger.

According to the sources, the houses in the coastal areas of Alappuzha and Ernakulam districts are damaged severely due to rough sea and rain. Valiyathura, Adimalathura and Cheriyathura are also some of the affected areas of the state.  Authorities have instructed to evacuate these people to a safer ad low lying area. Relief camps have also made themselves available to help the affected people shift in the safe zone.