Four killed in Tel Aviv, Ramadan permits for Palestinians revoked
 Source : Agencies  Date : 09-Jun-2016

Tel Aviv, June 9: Four people were killed in the attack and many were wounded. On late Wednesday, it was reported that four victims and injured in attack were hospitalized in moderate condition at Ichilov Hospital's intensive care units. Another two women who were lightly wounded have been released from hospital.
The shooting, carried out by two West Bank Palestinians, targeted a crowded tourist and restaurant district in the heart of Tel Aviv and was among the deadliest and most brazen attacks in a nine-month wave of violence. The area is located across the street from the IDF's headquarters.

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said that all permits given to Palestinians for Ramadan have been suspended following the Tel Aviv terror attack. These include some 83,000 permits, most of them to visit family in Israel. Permits for Gaza residents to pray at the Temple Mount in Jerusalem have also been suspended.

Last week itself, Israel has relaxed its laws on the occasion of Ramadan in the West Bank and Gaza Strip, Israel's people to come Al-Aqsa Mosque (East Jerusalem) and other places to worship the one which allowed considerably was considered to be.