Source: News Bharati English11 Jul 2016 15:21:10

Itanagar, July 10: Heavy rainfall hit Arunachal Pradesh’s capital region and has left a trail of destruction along the over flooded Nyirup river in Nirjuli that prompted Chief Minister Kalikho Pul to put censure on the illegal constructions along the river course.  Pul who visited the disaster site at Nirjuli that left a three-storeyed shopping complex heavily cracked and approach roads to Nirjuli RCC bridge on NH-415 partially damaged termed the disaster as manmade.
While assessing the damage, Pul observed that the riverbed was encroached by construction works altering the river’s natural course and the altered river flow deviating from its natural course washed away the concrete foundations of the approach road from below, news agency The Echo of Arunachal reported.

Sensing risk to the human lives and properties due to the cracked building, Pul ordered the occupants to vacate it immediately and to cut off all the electricity lines to prevent any further accident. He also called for NDRF and SDRF personnel to dismantle the cracked building portion.

Pul met the owner of the cracked building and assured possible support and relief from the govt’s end and sought his support to carry out the work of dismantling the building and construction work for protection walls. He told the people gathered near to learn from the disaster and advised them to build structures keeping in mind the safety of environment.

Pul asked the WRD Minister for immediate survey to be conducted the next day for building of three layers protection wall along the river course near the cracked building and the Nirjuli bridge lying adjacent to each other. He also directed that the protection wall be of V-shape so that the attack of river waves can be withstood easily to prevent damage to the walls.

The CM also instructed the department to destroy and dispose off huge concrete blocks that lay on the path of the river which could obstruct the water flow and cause erosion. On inspection of the damaged approach roads of the RCC Bridge, he instructed Highway Chief Engineer Bora Ete for immediate restoration of the approach roads. He urged that the damage be attended immediately so that normal flow of traffic is restored.

A DIPRO report adds that the torrential rain-triggered flashflood rendered damages to the bridge over river Nyirup and to the retaining walls and other manmade structures at Aniya village, Nirjuli today with the main reason being attributed to the construction of houses and retaining walls on the riverbed by the people occupying these areas. One building was also badly damaged at Nirjuli owing to the construction of house on the river bed.

The residents of the building block were asked to evacuate with materials and the owner was directed to disconnect the damaged blocks with other blocks immediately as the building was found to exist in three blocks joined with the help of beam and encompassing structures.