It is not terrorism – it is an act of war
 Source : News Bharati English  Date : 12-Jul-2016

For the last two years, one could not be one hundred percent sure as to who is on which side, what is there in the minds of those involved. Some social political decency survived. Not everyone was blatantly open about their real feelings, especially of India hatred. For a long time, even the small arms attacks across the border from Pakistan had either ceased or were low key except Pathankot. If PM Modi wanted to say that terrorism has no religion, it could be considered as a civil utterance to hope for and ameliorate tensions. Governments across the globe had started to understand much more about the terrorism were ready to allow this item in the official dialogue and ready to unite. These soft nuanced talks are of no consequence now. The time to call a spade a spade has come.

The high-level reaction to the high-security zone killings in Bangladesh is – these are not true Muslims who kill in the holy month of Ramadan.  Let the counterpart then also be said – killing in the rest of the year does not debar them from being true Muslims. That “unattached” people, Muslims, Hindus or any other foreign nationals are killed is inconsequential. The second remark includes as an afterthought -  it as a crime against humanity.

Then Burhan Wani is killed.

20,000 people attend the funeral. Curfews are broken and more people get killed. Mehbooba’s heart is wrung by those who got killed not specifying the CRPF jawans, in a way justifying the overthrowing of the curfew order. Umar Abdullah says the Kashmir Youth have found a new icon without condemning it. Nawaz Sharif cries for the death of the same people. Burhan is likened to Che Guevara. Any Muslim from Kashmir if he speaks at all will speak for and not against those dead. Some people in India say why call Burhan a terrorist, Bhagat Singh was also called a terrorist by the then British Government, as if anyone being called a terrorist by any government at any time, or anybody irrespective of the context, times, ideology and the person involved is more legitimate than any of these factors.

Muslim youth, educated and from “good” families, (whatever it means) from Kerala and other southern provinces, usually so conservative and submerged in the politics of Hindus are travelling for Jihad either to Bangladesh or ISIS. Some others are registering their complaints that more troops are being rushed to Kashmir. Not a single voice from the Muslims or those politicians ready to wash the feet of Muslims for votes, come out with a strident opposition. As soon as Peace TV comes under investigation the same Owaisi starts telling Muslim youth to stay with the country and not go to ISIS. And Zakir Nail is allowed to go to Africa for a few weeks. How come every USA ambassador turns pro-Pakistan on going back? The Answer is – he is taken care of.

In this Hamam (the communal bathing place of Muslims) all of them are naked today. They do not even wish to hide what they really think. With a million apologies to all Indian Muslims and others who are the true Indian Muslims, who detest what is happening but are in no position to voice these feelings. Let us accept that all this terrorist fascination, avidity, affinity combined with India hatred, the land which has sustained their life is applicable to a much vast segment of the Indian Muslims than one would like to or want to acknowledge. And India is still at its age-old favourite game of maintaining the relationship so that it looks good, with evil.  It is another matter that the fact is - we were neither wrong about the conquerors in the past nor are even today.

Therefore, let us call a spade a spade. I would not have normally been driven to use such strong words. I am a believer in the Nationalism of Indian Muslims. I understand what they do or think and why do they. I do not want to lose hope. The Muslim community world over to me is a hopeless situation. For 1400 years they are killing each other and hopefully finish the job at the earliest. Not Indian Muslims. They are us. That is why they have as much relevance to continue to exist as the Hindus have in terms of somehow saving the world for us.

India is shackled in trying to subdue or eliminate or control or prevent the isolated acts of terror across the country. If even a discernible success is to be achieved, the internal operation to cleanse the operators will have to be much more massive, the justice meted out within the constitutional framework fast and deadly. We need not give a dam to all the detractors. The only language they understand is that of a strong but legitimate hand. The only consequence of failure is a civil war within, much worse than the pre-independence situation. Am I hoping against hope that the government is doing everything in full swing? Or, are going to land up with another situation, not far in the past that we declined to take the appropriate action in response to the attack on Parliament even after full mobilization on the border, wasting something like 6000 crores in the mobilization?    

As far as the International scenario is concerned we have to give up this looking good to the world. Pakistan has been allowed by every mighty nation to be fooled by it, getting money from everywhere. We will have to be innocent of etiquette and call a spade a spade, not worrying about what the rest feel. I am sure the PM, the Foreign, and the Home Ministry have enough people to manage this language. But about the outside world, I will write in the article of tomorrow.

There are ten words in the caption of this article.  It is not Terrorism – It is an Act of War. Unless we accept and declare that the first four words are no longer relevant but the next 6 are, we will not be able to move in the framework of mind to go for it. And I am not the first one to say these words. It is Tarek Fateh, the Pakistani origin writer settled in Toronto, has used them as an advice to India. He first used them in the context of the attack on the Indian Parliament. I am using it now with what happened in Kashmir. We have the full legitimacy of action to maintain the integrity, sovereignty and dignity of our country in the vision we have inherited from the past and set for us in the Constitution.