South Sudan's President Kiir orders ceasefire after intense fighting in Juba
 Source : News Bharati English  Date : 12-Jul-2016

Juba, July 12: After the incidence of intense fighting in Juba, South Sudan's President, Salva Kiir ordered a ceasefire. The order followed after the major killing which left more than 271 people dead and several injured. The President has reiterated his commitment to the continued implementation of the peace agreement said Information Minister of South Sudan, Michael Makuei.  He said that that any member of the Machar-led forces who surrender must be protected as well.  The ceasefire order took effect from 6 p.m. in South Sudan.
He further said, “"All the regular forces that were deployed because of whatever, they need to go back to their respective units, any soldier or any member of the regular forces that will be found loitering about with his rifle without reporting to his unit will be arrested and immediate action will be taken."

First Vice President and former rebel leader Riek Machar urged his forces to honor the ceasefire while addressing people on a local radio station. Fighting first broke out Thursday with skirmishes between the Sudan People's Liberation Army, loyal to Kiir, and soldiers backing Vice President Riek Machar. The resurgence came after a halt the day before when the country celebrated the fifth anniversary of its independence from Sudan.

White House national security adviser Susan Rice said in a statement that they call on those fighting to return to their barracks. This senseless and inexcusable violence, undertaken by those who yet again are putting self-interest above the well-being of their country and people, puts at risk everything the South Sudanese people have aspired to over the past five years.

UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon said," I am shocked and appalled by the heavy fighting that is currently taking place in Juba.  I strongly urge President [Salva] Kiir and First Vice-President Riek Machar to do everything within their power to de-escalate the hostilities immediately and to order their respective forces to disengage and withdraw to their bases.  This senseless violence is unacceptable and has the potential of reversing the progress made so far in the peace process.”

 “United Nations compounds and protection of civilians sites in Juba have been caught in the cross-fire.  I am deeply frustrated that despite commitments by South Sudan’s leaders, fighting has resumed.  They must take decisive action to regain control of the security situation in Juba, prevent the spread of violence to other parts of the country, guarantee the safety and security of civilians, United Nations and other personnel and genuinely commit themselves to the full implementation of the peace agreement,” added Ban Ki-moon.

After the violent occurrences in South Sudan, India is deciding to evacuate its nationals from the place. Sushma Swaraj, External Affairs Minister took twitter to advice the nationals to register themselves with the Indian Embassy and not to panic. She also advised people against travelling to South Sudan until the returns to normalcy.