Source: News Bharati English18 Jul 2016 18:05:11

New Delhi, July 18: Herbalife International India, a global premier nutrition company, announced its two-year exclusive partnership with Indian Olympic Association to be the official nutrition sponsor of the Indian Olympic contingent to Rio de Janeiro.
“Sports sponsorships are in the ethos of Herbalife. As an organization committed to good nutrition and healthy, active lifestyle, the sponsorship of the Indian Olympic team marks a significant milestone in the chapters of Herbalife India and our sports sponsorship program as this is a first for the Indian affiliate to sponsor the country’s national Olympic team”, said Ajay Khanna, Vice President & General Manager, Herbalife International India while announcing this partnership. “The 2016 Rio Olympics is special for India as the country sends its largest contingent event to the global sporting spectacular. We, at Herbalife, wish every athlete the very best to fulfil their dreams and aspirations”, he further added.

Initiating with the Rio Olympics, Herbalife has planned a long-term partnership with Indian Olympic Association in an effort to identify sports federations for development of sports and its athletes. Meanwhile, Herbalife, Vietnam and Herbalife, Israel are the official nutrition sponsors of their respective Olympic teams. The partnership will play an important part in nutrition aspect, a key element in a sportsperson's life, involving nutrition education and knowledge forums for athletes of various federations.

"The coming together of Herbalife and Indian Olympic Association marks a new chapter in Indian sports sharing a common vision of holistic development of sports through nutrition. The synergistic vision will go a long way in comprehensive development of sports and development,” said an official of Indian Olympic Association.

Herbalife Ltd. sponsors more than 190 world-class athletes, teams and events around the globe, including Cristiano Ronaldo, the LA Galaxy and champions in many other sports.