India must win this fight against terrorism in Kashmir
 Source : News Bharati English  Date : 18-Jul-2016

A large number of the Muslims of any prominence have revealed their true colours with respect to the killing of Hizbul Mujahideen terrorist Burhan Wani and the subsequent deaths in the Valley. The pro-Pakistani and anti-Indian psyche so much prevalent is the creation of Pakistan aided by the Indian politicians et al. Pakistan has fooled every mighty nation. Or they have allowed themselves to be fooled by it. Pakistan thus has been getting money from everywhere, USA, China, Saudi Arabia and so on. If we subscribe to the theory that Pakistan was created by the USA and Europe as a buffer state against the two greatly powerful Communists of Asia i.e. Russia and China, why Pakistan gets money from the West since it was formed will be easily understood. In a manner of speaking Afghanistan freed in 1936 could be considered as the first buffer against the Communists.

This situation does not change even when the cold war is over now for more than twenty-five years. The big powers are clear about the reality that Pakistan will use all these arsenals and money now, against India. On the other hand, China also has been aiding Pakistan for donkey’s years, for various reasons, anti-west buffer and anti-India fortification being the foremost. As it appears, now the efforts are getting concentrated in somehow annexing Kashmir and spreading all over the country, through the massive and rapid anti-India actions and notions.  

As far as the International scenario is concerned we have to give up this looking good to the world. No one really cares for it in value terms. All that the big powers do is to laugh secretly at the Indian naivety. We will have to be innocent of etiquette now not worrying about what the rest feel.

Diplomacy or diplomatic language and manoeuvres do not or should not mean hiding the truth. Diplomacy is the art of telling the truth. There are battlegrounds created everywhere by whoever did it, Syria, Iraq, Iran, Lebanon, Sudan, the ISIS after the vacuum of Al Qaida, now in Bangladesh, with Salafism and Wahabism dutifully doing the inflammatory fuelling which has proved their capability to influence Indian Muslim mind.  

The matters seem to have assumed huge proportion and intensity after the Bangladesh massacres and the same in the Islamic world. It was said only a few years ago, that if anything happens in the country with respect to Muslims for whatever reason the revenge is on Kashmiri Hindus or Pandits.

Expanding it one may say that anything happening anywhere in the world the Muslims in India (and not the Indian Muslim, please note) will burst out against the Hindus. What is happening today in the world can be explained in a few new and different ways. We need not go into that.

Let us leave aside the nationalistic, cultural, historical, romantic and the emotional rhetoric of all of us about Kashmir being an integral part of India. It is the geographical position of Kashmir with Ladakh. Just above that lie the vast expanses of the Central Asia from which a large number of barbarians invaded India for centuries. I will not call them Muslims since it is denigrating Islam. China, Afghanistan, and Pakistan come in close contact there. Then there are a number of states, just beyond with Muslim dominance those are already fighting with Russia. Khyber and other passes are not far beyond.

If we let go Kashmir it is blatantly obvious how vulnerable will India become to every kind of invasion in future from every anti-Indian nation. In calling a spade a spade we need to tell the world that we will retain and take the legitimate parts of Kashmir, never leave them since it is a question of our existence. This will no doubt raise the anti-India activity pitch.

In the past till the British divided India, all such attempts were not to allow India to become a power. India was the Jewel in the Crown of British Empire, something no other nation came near to. The implicit Indian strength to become a power was well known to the British. No one likes a rival strong power. Independent India was not much of a concern since India was far from being a power, was easily manipulated, poor, half starved and without an instinct of survival the primary basis of which is to be a part of a nation above all.

The power of India started becoming manifest for the first time after the globalization set in, in India. In the last couple of years, India has survived the global recession with flying colours. From where are the billions of rupees being poured into the infrastructure and or to the hands of the poor coming? This money is actually an indication of how much was being otherwise swallowed by the governments and their babus.

The port of Chabahar is a signal victory. Loosening the grip of China on the SAARC countries and reducing Chinese influence in the Indian Ocean cannot go past without being noticed. An Arab Oil producing nations have asked India to construct capacity to store their oil for future sell and get free oil in return. Indian defence is getting much stronger. The volume being handled in the ports of India has significantly increased. The significance of the Prime Minister’s visit to Mongolia and to the Central Asian countries cannot be lost upon.

Hence it is only the last couple of years India should now become a worry to the world powers. As a result, if they want to weaken India, internally weakening it could be considered by them more effective and easier with Pakistan standing by to oblige. They seem to have succeeded in it. 

The rise of India is not palatable to anyone in the world. That is why the world at large will keep finding an excuse or will create excuses to destabilize India. The big powers will not bat an eyelid over it.

It is a fight India will have to face alone. The only way to win is to come down with a heavy and non-negotiable hand.