Assam’s State disaster management authority issues flood alert in five revenue circles
 Source : News Bharati English  Date : 21-Jul-2016

Jorhat, July 21: As Assam faced disruption due to heavy rains, the State disaster management authority of Assam issued a flood alert, once again, in five revenue circles in Jorhat and Barpeta districts. The authority says that these areas are under high alert zone for the next twenty four hours. Jorhat has Majuli River Island in it which is prone to floods along with more four Barpeta area’s revenue circles.
More than 200 villages submerged into the overblown rivers in about six districts.  Brahmaputra River is one of the main rivers athat caused these floods tagging along other rivers with it to cause the nuisance. According to the reports, The Brahmaputra and its a few tributaries are flowing above the danger level. However, during the last twenty four hours, no new areas are engulfed by the rivers in the Jorhat district.

Meanwhile, several incidents of landslides were witnessed in Guwahati. In the area named Kharghuli, a person lost his life due to landslide.  According to the reports, illegal constructions in the hills around the have been seen as the cause for setting off frequent landslides during the rainy season. The Kamrup (Metro) district administration warned hillside dwellers for a long time and has even ordered strict action against illegal construction.

Areas in Noonmati also witnessed landslides as two houses were completely buried; however, fortunately there were no casualties. Recently 366 buildings were tagged as vulnerable in the city.