Source: News Bharati English21 Jul 2016 15:57:09

Aizawl, June 21: To boost education and development of the tribal section of society in the north eastern state of Mizoram, the Mizoram’s Scholarship Board Secretary JH Zoremthanga has said that 90 percent of tribal scholarship has been issued to the meritorious students and the Central government has directly deposited the amount to the respective account of the students.With launching of digital India by Modi government, Ministry of Minority has directly deposited scholarship to the bank account of all merit students without any involvement of state scholarship board. In the ongoing minority scholarship scheme, students who are in standard 1 to 5 are given Rs 1000 and students who are in class 5 to 10 are given Rs 5000. Altogether, 47,685 students have so far received tribal scholarship.

As many as 47,685 students who are in standard 1 to 10 have so far received scholarship. However, there was some mistake while depositing scholarship as in some cases the student was given an amount more than what he has to receive and in other case the student received less than what he should get.

 Zoremthanga said that the scholarship board has taken back the excess amount deposited to the student’s account and also asked the students to return the amount which they received in surplus. He added that action would be taken according to the law against those who did not comply with the request to return their surplus amount, news agency The North East Today reported.