Source: News Bharati English21 Jul 2016 14:47:40

Ankara, July 21: Thousands of people, mainly military officials, university deans and teachers, are targeted, interrogated, sacked and jailed even on slightest of doubts of their alleged involvement in the failed coup against Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan. All are suspected of having links with the Fathullaha Guelen now exiled in the US. President Erdogan has demanded from the US to extradite him.

According to reports, at least 99 generals and admirals were accused of plotting the coup. So far, 1577 deans of universities were forced to resign in addition to 21000 teachers and 15000 employees of the ministry of education.

Meanwhile, President Erdogan has called an emergency meeting with the armed forces loyal to him and his cabinet to design new purges.

In an effort to eradicate all the supporters of Guelen from academia, the Tertiary Education Council asked the rectors of the universities to "urgently examine the situation of all the academic and administrative staff" tied to what is termed "fetus" (Fethullah Terrorist Organisation).

The Council also calls on all teachers who are abroad to return immediately to their homeland. At the same time, a ban on travel abroad for university staff has been imposed to prevent  "conspirators" from  fleeing to other countries.

Erdogan accuses Fethullah Guelen of being the instigator of the attempted coup, but he denies it, in turn accusing the Turkish president of using every means at his disposal to expand his grip power.