Gadkari calls for skill development in maritime sector; says job generation is govt’s major priority
 Source : News Bharati English  Date : 22-Jul-2016

New Delhi, July 22: While addressing the 129th meeting of the National Shipping Board (NSB) in New Delhi today, the Minister of Shipping and Road Transport & Highways Nitin Gadkari has called for massive skill development in the maritime sector. In his address, Gadkari said that necessary policy level and administrative reforms must be effected urgently so that training institutions are able to run skill development and training modules for a wide ranging variety of disciplines. The Minister also said that employment generation is a major priority with the present government and many jobs will open up in the shipping and allied sectors in the coming years.
The prestigious Sagarmala Programme itself is expected to throw up about one crore jobs. In addition, he said, the twelve major ports are being modernized and mechanized, three new ports are coming up soon, 111 inland waterways are being developed across the country and coastal shipping is also poised for major growth. All this will open up many employment avenues, so we need to train our youth so that they can take advantage of the job opportunites.

Gadkari also said that we need to expand the scope and content of training modules so that Indian seafarers can be trained for multi-tasking and be the preferred choice for sea faring companies. According to a presentation made during the meeting, India ranks very poorly in terms of the number of seafarers it supplies to sea faring companies. One reason for this is that the Indian seafarers are not trained for multi-tasking.

Speaking about the need to promote ease of doing business the Minister called upon members of the National Shipping Board to study best practices from across the world in the maritime sector, look at successful experiments and administrative reforms, be in constant dialogue with stakeholders and then come out with recommendations for an integrated development of the maritime sector. He urged them to suggest ways to improve policies, remove obstacles and bring about administrative changes through cost effective and eco friendly means. He urged all concerned to work with a positive, proactive and pro-reforms approach to develop the sector.

Gadkari also released the logo of the National Shipping Board.  The National Shipping Board is the highest advisory body on matters related to Indian Shipping and matters arising out of the Merchant Shipping Act, 1958. The Board was established on 1st March 1959. Opening the deliberations today the Board Chairman Vishwapati Tripathi informed that over the past two years NSB has made several recommendation for revamping the maritime sector, and many of these recommendations have also been implemented. Today’s meeting was also attended by Dr K Hariprabhu and C.M. Ramesh, both Members of Parliament and Members of NSB.