Torrential rain in China kills 225 people; 30 speed boats allotted for rescue operation
 Source : News Bharati English  Date : 24-Jul-2016

Beijing, July 24: Heavy torrential rain in China took toll on the lives of 225 people in China leaving several people missing. The flood situation worsened in China with about 2.5 lakh people trapped in the central Hubei Province till now.
About ten townships in the China have been inundated with continuous heavy rainfall from July 18 to 20. This severely affected 680,000 people of China, came the reports from Tianmen city government. However 3.10 lakh people were rescued by the local authorities to a safer place. Over 700,000 hectares of crops have also been destroyed, leading to direct economic losses of over 16 billion Yuan.

Daxian Village of Xingtai City faced the worst situation and was almost empty after a flash flood overwhelmed it early Wednesday. At least 8 villagers were killed and one missing. The villagers who were affected by the flood blocked a main road on Friday, accusing local government of failing to alert them about the flooding. An online video was also posted in which a big force of policemen is seen controlling large public protests.

Qiu Wenshuang, deputy mayor of Xingtai, reported that at least 25 people were killed and another 13 missing in the city. The rescue operations and disaster relief have been initiated immediately after the flood, he further added. To repair breached levee and transfer trapped residents nearly 30 speed boats and 300 soldiers. The provisional government declared 105 million Yuan of emergency funds to help rescue the trapped people.