Jodhpur High court acquits Salman Khan in Chinkara poaching cases
 Source : Agencies  Date : 25-Jul-2016

Jaipur, July 25: Bollywood superstar Salman Khan has got the major relief from Jodhpur High court on Monday as he is acquitted from both the cases related to Poaching of the Rajasthan state animal Chinkara. Earlier in 2006, Trial court sentenced him to one year imprisonment on February 17 2006 in the first case and to five years imprisonment on April 10 the same year in the second case. However Salman khan put up the plea against the same decision given by trial court in Jodhpur High court. The hearing for the case was completed in the last week of May and decision was kept safer by justice Nirmaljeet kaur. 
High Court earlier had suspended the trial court verdict to allow Salman to travel out of the country for a film shoot. Salman was accused of hunting two Chinkaras at Bhawad in Mathania near Jodhpur on September 26, 1998 and another Chinkara at Ghoda farms two days later on September 28th, while he was in Jodhpur filming for Hum Saath Saath Hain. Chinkara, or Indian Gazelle, is an endangered animal accorded the highest protection under Schedule 1 of the Wildlife protection Act 1972.

Salman khan’s lawyer Mahesh Bora has put up all his efforts to save Salman from this case. Bora said, the main witness of this case Harish Dulani was not present on the spot at the time hunting so how anyone can trust him. No one saw Salman hunting Chinkara nither saw him carrying dead body of Chinkara. The Police recorded the statement forcefully from the witness. Meanwhile, earlier all the accused related to this case has been released so how court can blame only Salman.

Like to tell you, other bollywood actors such as Saif Ali Khan, Sonali Bendre, Tabu and Neelam were also accused in the case of Poaching Chinkara. Total four cases were registered against Salman out of this three were related to hunting and one for carrying illegal arms in Jodhpur police station. However at the time of judgement, Salman was not present in the court. His younger sister Alveera was present in court as Salman’s representative.