Source: News Bharati English25 Jul 2016 16:57:56

New Delhi, July 25: Navjot Singh Sidhu who recently created a stir by quitting from the Rajya Sabha as MP, ultimately broke his silence on the resignation on Monday addressing a press conference. He reasoned the stepping down of the position as he did not agree with the fact that he was asked to stay away from Punjab.
In the press conference, Sidhu said, "I resigned from the Rajya Sabha because I was told that I will not head towards Punjab and will stay away from the state. How could Sidhu leave his state? How could I leave the people who enabled me to win the polls?"

He was further quoted saying, “I was told to stay away from Punjab. Why was I told to do so? How can I leave Punjab for some selfish gains? I am a true nationalist. No party is bigger than Punjab. Even a bird comes back to its nest. How can Navjot Sidhu leave his home, his people? I will always be there to ensure that Punjab benefits. I only want to serve Punjab and Amritsar. How can Navjot Singh Sidhu leave the soil he belongs to?"

He also said that if he was asked to choose between family, his party and Punjab, each and every time he would choose Punjab. However, he did not elaborate his future plans. The resignation of Sidhu, who was nominated on April 22, was accepted by Rajya Sabha chairman Mohammed Hamid Ansari with immediate effect.