Source: News Bharati English27 Jul 2016 13:25:07

Kathmandu, July 27:  Nepali security forces have been on high alert after they received information that Islamic State might target Koshi barrage in Nepal. Therefore, Nepal had tightened the security on Indo-Nepal border which is based on Koshi barrage.  The barrage, built in 1962, is a flood control sluice across the Koshi River in Saptari and Sunsari districts. Both Nepali and Indian security forces guard it.
Indian Embassy in Kathmandu last week shared an intelligence report with the Nepali side that claims the international terrorist organisation was likely to target the barrage across the largest river in Nepal. Notably, Nepali authorities had assured Indian officials that necessary security measures will be taken as quickly as possible.

The Indian side has cautioned that the target might have been chosen to cause maximum damage in both Nepal and India, particularly Bihar by breaking the 56-gate barrage. Meanwhile strict checking on the border of Indo-Nepal has already been started. Each and every vehicle are being checked thoroughly. Crossing of people through this border have been sealed off.

Home Ministry Spokesperson of Nepal, Yadav Prasad Koirala said the security had been on high alert since the terrorist attack in Dhaka, on July 1, and the ministry was verifying the information provided by the Indian side. According to him, all the security agencies, including the Nepali Army, Armed Police Force, Nepal Police and National Intelligence Department are on high alert to “foil any possible threat to any part of the country, particularly the vital installations like highways, bridges, airports.”