Source: Social Media28 Jul 2016 10:47:34

New Delhi, July 28: Giving new heights to fight of his differences and ego clashes against the Prime Minister Narendra Modi, Delhi CM and AAP chief Arvind Kejriwal on Thursday said that Modi Government can even try to kill him or his ministers.  
Kejriwal released a nine-minute video on his twitter account and Youtube in which the Delhi CM is conveying messages to countrymen and his followers. He pointed that his party’ MLA, MP and leaders are being tortured and arrested by government agencies and being caught under different allegations one after the other.    

Kejriwal claimed that PM Modi is practicing ‘oppression cycle’ in the country and trying to oppress voice of everyone including him. Kejriwal directly accused PM Modi, BJP chief Amit Shah and Prime Minister’s office for conducting conspiracies against the Aam Aadmi Party and filing cases without any foundation.

Portraying a dramatic-filmy style, Kejriwal further said that PM Modi has put CBI, ACB, Delhi police and other agencies behind him and still AAP will not bow down before the Centre. Kejriwal even said that PM Modi has oppressed the voices of Dalits, farmers and backward classes and not even Congress is able to raise its voice before the PM.  

Calling Modi government to be a failure at every front, AAP chief said that PM Modi is very upset at the moment and annoyed because he is not able to play his cards on AAP leaders. He also said that all the AAP activists and leaders should be ready to even sacrifice their life and have a talk with their families regarding this.