Source: News Bharati English29 Jul 2016 13:51:49

Beijing, July 29: Getting active once again into South China Sea after the Tribunal’s court verdict on the disputed island, China is scheduled to hold a joint Maritime drill with Russia in the sea in September. The authorities on Thursday informed that Chinese and Russian navies will hold a joint drill in South China Sea in September. The drill is codenamed as Joint Sea-2016 and is a product of the consensus reached by the two sides.
“In accordance with the consensus reached between Russia and China, the two navies will hold the Joint Sea 2016 joint maritime exercise in relevant sea and airspace in the South China Sea in September”, said spokesman of Ministry of National Defense Col. Yang Yujun.

The drill is a routine exercise between the two militaries, which aims to consolidate and develop strategic partnership between the two nations. “The exercise aims to deepen friendly and practical military-to-military cooperation, and enhance the capabilities of the two navies to jointly deal with maritime security threats”, Yang said.

The exercise involves only Russia and China and do not targeting or involve any third party. Yang didn't disclose the specific location, and some areas of the South China Sea are not disputed. Chinese ships have challenged vessels from the U.S., the Philippines and other nations in disputed waters, and China considers the tribunal's ruling earlier this month to be invalid.

Russia and China have held numerous joint drills in recent years, united in a desire to stem American power in the Asia-Pacific region, despite their own lingering mistrust over territory and influence in Central Asia.