Source: News Bharati English04 Jul 2016 13:18:50

Guwahati, July 4: The three-day BRICS Youth Summit ended on Sunday in Assam’s capital city Guwahati with a call to shift the balance of power from the West towards the five-member grouping. The participating members said a virtual secretariat of the BRICS Youth forum will be operational zed shortly that would enable the members to remain in touch 24x7 through social networking.

"The youth of our nations can suggest how the demographic dividends of our nations can be used to shift the power from the West to the BRICS. It is encouraging that the young people are ready and hungry to be citizens of a better nation," said Khathulshelo Ramukumba, who led the South African delegation. He stressed on the need for working collectively towards it.Russian minister Sergey Pospelov, who led his country, said a virtual secretariat of the BRICS Youth forum will be operational shortly which would enable the members to remain in touch 24x7 through social networking, so as to take cooperation to the next level.

Brazilian delegation leader GF Alves Pereira said the Summit was a good forum for the youth to float new ideas and the participation was encouraging. Terming the Summit a fruitful one, Dong Du of China said the youth must continue to work unitedly. Rajeev Gupta of India said the Guwahati resolution will be placed before the BRICS Summit at Goa in October this year for its final incorporation. He said 95 events of BRICS are being held under the presidentship of India, focusing on different areas.Discussions were held on four thematic areas of Skill Development and Entrepreneurship, Social Inclusion, Youth Volunteerism and Youth Participation in Governance. Russian minister Sergey Pospelov, who led his nation at the 2nd BRICS Youth Summit, said the performance by the orchestra team of Guwahati University at the event last evening impressed the audience so much that he invited them to perform at the international fest next year.

Pospelov said he also met Assam Chief Minister Sarbananda Sonowal last evening and both discussed a gamut of issues. He said common issues like agriculture and tourism were discussed besides a tourist exchange programme.

Among the key recommendations during the summit are creation and strengthening of apprenticeship programmes in the existing BRICS institutions, access to decent jobs for youth across the BRICS nations, training to Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) on business development services, business plans and website development, creation and promotion of regular expositions of young people and youth entrepreneurs to facilitate exchange of best practices, new technologies and seek financial support, capacity building programmes for professionals who work with young people in the BRICS nations and creation of  new opportunities for youth participation in governance and decision making.