Blade runner Oscar Pistorius sentenced six years imprisonment for girlfriend’s murder
 Source : Agencies  Date : 06-Jul-2016

Pretoria, July 6: Famous with the name of blade runner Oscar Pistorius, South African Paralympic gold medallist sentenced six years imprisonment by Pretoria High Court as he was accused of muredering his girlfriend Reeva Steenkamp in 2013. Meanwhile Judge of HighCourt before has already given a hint of getting less than 15 years of imprisonment as a punishment to Oscar Pistorius.
Oscar murdered his girlfriend in his home on 14th February 2013 as he had a doubt of the unknown person getting into his house for robbery. Oscar shooted four times but later he realized she was none other than his girlfriend Reeva. But judge suspended this statement given by Oscar and punished him for murder.  

According to forensic report, Reeva was injured before she was shot dead. Oscar would have got the punishment of imprisonment of 15 years, but Pistorius lower part of his legs amputated when he was a baby and his lawyers have argued that his disability and mental stress should be considered as mitigating circumstances to reduce his sentence. During the last hearing Pistorius was asked to walk without the support of duplicate legs after which he was stood for 15 minutes infront of camera of Court without any support and was very emotional.

Pistorius was freed from prison last October after almost a year behind bars to serve out the remainder of his term under house arrest at his uncle's house in a wealthy suburb of the capital. "The sentence that I impose on the accused is six years imprisonment," Judge Thokozile Masipa told the High Court in Pretoria. "Public opinion may be loud and persistent, but it can play no role in the decision of this court," Masipa said in her ruling. Pistorius was taken to jail immediately after the verdict.