Source: News Bharati English01 Aug 2016 17:07:01

New Delhi, August 1: Minister of External Affairs Sushma Swaraj on Monday in Parliament said, "Not one worker of ours will go hungry. This is my assurance to the country through Parliament. We will bring all of them back to India."
She further said, about 10,000 Indians stranded in Saudi Arabia will be evacuated and no one will go hungry as ration has been distributed to them. “I am personally monitoring the situation and her deputy General V.K Singh is leaving for Saudi Arabia to oversee the evacuation process.”

In reply to the members of both the houses that is Rajya Sabha and Lok Sabha who expressed the concern over Indians issues residing in Saudi Arabia, Swaraj informed that Indian embassy is running camps at five different places and distributing rations to the needed ones. She further said that she is taking hourly reports of the conditions.

Swaraj further said, “Indians who lost their job in Saudi if not get any job there and if they wish to come India so we will bring them back.” She added that, “the government has requested the Saudi government to give them exit visas as employers had left the country and also urged it to first clear the dues of workers as soon as possible who have not been paid for months, whenever they settle the accounts with the companies concerned.”

But still some opposition members in Lok Sabha were not satisfied and raised some more questions, Speaker Sumitra Mahajan disallowed them, saying "She (Swaraj) has done everything. She has done really good work. Nobody has worked this much."