Baloch Republican leader Brahumdagh Bugti applauds PM Modi for raising voice for Balochistan
 Source : Agencies  Date : 16-Aug-2016

Geneva, August 16: After raising voice for Balochistan independence on 70th Independence Day of India, PM Modi was appreciated by Baloch nationalist leader Brahumdagh Bugti, who thanked the Indian Prime Minister for mentioning the problem of the place which is facing atrocities by Pakistan."The statement of Indian PM in his 70th Independence Day speech is very encouraging. I thank the Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi for speaking about Balochistan problem," Bugti said.

Brahumdagh Bugti, the grandson of slain Baloch nationalist leader Akbar Bugti who is living in exile in Switzerland, was encouraged by the turn of events and hoped that the Indian government would continue with this policy.

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Bugti, who is head of Baloch Republican Party also said that he would like if a movie is made by Indian cinema to highlight Baloch struggle. He also urged the top Indian actors to act in them.  “I would request Indian cinema to make movies on the Baloch struggle, the top producers and directors, and movie stars like Amitabh Bachchan and Shahrukh Khan to act in them. Amitabh can play the role of my grandfather very well,” he said.

Bugti’ grandfather Akbar Bugti was killed in 2006 during a military operation conducted by the Pakistani army. Akbar Bugti was one of the tallest leaders among Baloch nationalists. After his grandfather was killed, Brahumdagh moved to Switzerland where he has been living in exile. He now represents them at various international fora, and is widely regarded as the leader of the Baloch rebels.

He said that he was informed by his friends about the speech of PM Modi. “It is very encouraging for me, personally, and for the Baloch people who have been struggling for their independence for so long. I thank PM Modi and hope this will continue as India’s policy. India must raise the issue of human rights violations, systematic genocide by Pakistan’s army, just like it happened in Bangladesh.”

Pointing that India can play a major role for Baluchistan justice, he said, “Everyday, we receive news of dead bodies of Baloch people being killed…in Quetta, you saw the whole cream of legal community being killed few days ago. This has to stop, and India can do a lot.”

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Two Baloch leaders had also welcomed Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s stand to expose Pakistan’s brutalities in Balochistan and Pakistan-occupied Kashmir on Saturday. World Baloch Women’s Forum president Naela Quadri Baloch said the people of the region supported Modi.

“We hope that you (PM Modi) will raise the Balochistan issue and Baloch people’s suffering in the UN session in September.And, we are with you. People of Balochistan, Baltistan and Pakistan-occupied Kashmir, we all thank you,” Naela said.

Hammal Haider Baloch, spokesperson of the Baloch National Movement (UK), said: “It is for the first time that an Indian Prime Minister has expressed his wish to support the Baloch people. And, I think it is a very crucial decision made by the Indian government.”