Source: News Bharati English18 Aug 2016 15:09:18

New Delhi, Aug 18: For the first in the history of independent India, Prime Minster Narendra Modi has given a strong message to Pakistan by raising the issues of Gilgit and Baluchistan. It is a highly commendable move by government and ethically, India has a right to rake up the issue of atrocities by Pakistan in POK region, said Indresh Kumar, senior RSS leader. 

He was speaking at the “Vishwa Raksha Bandhan Diwas” organised by some 40-odd organisations here at Talkatora Stadium on Wednesday. Commenting on the current political situation he said that Pakistan is going through a turbulent situation where the internal peace has been deteriorated by radical elements and terrorists that led to the distress and insecurity among the Pakistani nationals.

He further added that Pakistan should keep their home in order instead of poking nose in the internal affairs of India. Pakistan should stop the state sponsored terrorist activity in the valley otherwise, it will boomerang on Pakistan, he warned.

Pakistan is suffering from violence, killings of Pakistani citizens, treating Muslims like a third-grade citizens but on the other hand, it is fuelling the insurgency in the Valley. Pakistan is acting in most immoral manner in Kashmir

Pakistan gives money to separatists to fuel separatism, provides weapons, arms and ammunition, gives Pakistani flag, Indresh Kumar alleged saying that this is highly objectionable and unethical act.

Pakistan has crushed the movements of Muhajirs, provincial independence movement by using bombs which itself is a violation of human rights but so-called liberals and so-called human right activist always keeps mum on theses burning issues.

He praised Prime Minister Modi for taking cognizance of the atrocities and human right violation by Pakistan in the region of Gilgit-Baluchistan. India’s stand on Gilgit-Baluchistan issue is not only historic but also a bold step indeed to marginalise the Pakistan on the global front, he added.       

By burning Kashmir, you will not be able to douse the fire in your house. It will kill you. So, be a good neighbour and a good country, Indresh Kumar advised Pakistan.