Activist Karima Baloch urges ‘brother’ PM Modi to become voice of Baloch struggle
 Source : News Bharati English  Date : 19-Aug-2016

New Delhi, August 19: A young political activist, Karima Baloch called upon the Prime Minister of India, Narendra Modi, on the occasion of Raksha Bandhan calling him her brother and expressed her gratitude. She voiced that Prime minister be the voice of Baloch genocide, war crimes and human rights violation at international forums.
“On this day I have come to you and would like to say that we consider you as our brother. And we expect that you become the voice of Baloch genocide, war crimes in Balochistan, human rights violation in international forums and become the voice of those sisters whose brothers are missing,” Karima said in a video message. She further said that many Baloch brothers got killed or got got kidnapped by the Pakistani soldiers. The wives of these baloch people are still waiting for them to come but, she cannot see any possibility of them returning.

She further pointed out that there are many things happening in Balochistan like violations of Human Rights, crimes and killings. She urged Prime Minister Modi to take up this issue on the international level and voice it against these mishaps as a brother. She said that they will fight their own battle but will need help to show the doings of Pakistan to various corners of the world.

In the end of the video, she thanked Modi, in his native language, Gujarati. She said that she was grateful about his words on Balochistan.