Source: News Bharati English02 Aug 2016 16:04:02

Dhaka, Aug 2: Liberal thinkers, writers, and religious personalities are once again on the target of the fundamentalist elements in Bangladesh. Death threats were sent to as many as nine prominent such personalities in India’s eastern neighbour recently.

According to reports, these personalities included a Supreme Court judge, an Imam known for his liberal views, and a leader engaged in Hindu-Christian dialogue. The anonymous letters were sent by post to a local newspaper – The Dhaka Tribune – which alerted the authorities.  

The letters, written in Bangla, do not contain the name of any organization or a sender. On top of the letter is the proclamation “Allahu Akbar” (which means “Allah the Great”) and a phrase: “Your death sentence is final. Execution will be carried out any time.”

The letters were postmarked Mohammadpur Post Office, in the division of Dhaka. In the list, there are nine prominent personalities: International Crimes Tribunal judge Justice Nizamul Haque; tribunal prosecutor Dr. Tureen Afroz; activists Rana Dasgupta, Dr. Imran Sarker, Kamal Pasha Chowdhury, Azadur Rahman Chandan, Shagor Lohani; Islami Oikya Jote faction Chairman Misbahur Rahman Chowdhury; Sholakia Imam Maulana Farid Uddin Masuud.

Maulana Masuud is among those who initiated the recent fatwa against terrorism and was the target of the terrorist attack at the festival of Eid al-Fitr in Kishoreganj district. He said he did not receive any such letter with a threat, but he offered prayers for those who had sent the letter, saying: “May Allah guide them.”

Lawyer Rana Dasgupta, the secretary general of the Hindu-Buddhist-Christian Unity Council of Bangladesh, said he did not receive any new death threat, but “such death threats have been sent many times before in my name. I filed a complaint, but there was no police response”.