Ex-Afghan Prez Hamid Karzai backs PM Modi on his stand on ‘Human rights violations in Balochistan’
 Source : Agencies  Date : 20-Aug-2016

New Delhi, August 20: During his visit to India, former Afghanistan President Hamid Karzai backed the remarks of PM Modi regarding the human rights situation in Balochistan province of Pakistan. He said that India has every right to respond to Pakistan’s provocations.
Addressing the reporters he said, “Pakistani authorities have spoken freely on Afghanistan and India, but this is the first time that the PM of India has spoken about Balochistan.” “However I don’t think India intends to go to any proxy wars in the region as it has a tradition of peaceful coexistence. The region should not go to proxy wars,” Karzai further said.

PM Modi had raised the issue of Balochistan during Independence Day speech in which he spoke about human rights violations and atrocities in the area by Pakistan authorities. PM Modi also thanked the Baloch leaders who admired him for raising voice for Balochistan.  Since then, government officials said Modi had received many messages on social media from Baloch groups and Kashmiris around the world and in Pakistan thanking him for his support.

“In Balochistan there is extreme suffering at the hands of extremists promoted by state structures in Pakistan. Therefore the people’s concerns need to be addressed and aired,” Karzai said in an interview, adding that Modi’s comments should make Pakistan’s government to see the gravity of the situation.

Karzai also blamed the United States for supporting Pakistan in the past, and claimed that it was the US that had stopped India from providing military assistance and lethal weaponry to Afghanistan during his Presidential tenure that ended in 2014. “It is welcome that the US wishes to allow and encourage India to help Afghanistan militarily, although India should never have waited for anyone’s permission,” Karzai said.

Urging India to take strong steps to enhance Afghan’s Defence capability, he said, “India knows the state of the Afghan forces. India is very capable of helping Afghanistan and has the means to supply Afghanistan’s needs: equipment hardware and training”.