Source: News Bharati English22 Aug 2016 12:14:23

New Delhi, August 21: Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Monday jointly inaugurated the renovated Stor palace of Afghanistan through video conferencing from New Delhi, during which he said that the renovated Stor Palace brings back to life a valuable landmark of Afghanistan's cultural heritage.
Congratulating Afghan President Ashraf Ghani and people of Afghanistan, the PM Modi said, “The inauguration of Stor palace is an entirely different, yet in many ways more fundamental, dimension of our engagement. The Stor palace has been the setting for many momentous historical events.

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“To those who cannot see beyond shadows of violence in Afghanistan, the restored Stor palace is a reminder of the glory of Afghanistan's rich traditions. And for our Afghan brothers and sisters, it revives the beauty, the richness and splendor of lost memories of Afghan society”, he added.  

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Enlightening India-Afghan historical relations, PM said, “Afghanistan is India's immediate neighbour and, in our hearts and minds, Indians and Afghans have always been closest of friends. Today, we once again come together to celebrate yet another achievement of our friendship and, take another step in the fruitful journey of our cooperation”.

PM Modi also mentioned the joints achievements of India and Afghanistan which saw successful completion. “The inauguration of  the Afghan Parliament in December last year signaled and showed our joint commitment to strengthening the foundations of modern Afghanistan. The India-Afghanistan-Iran transit corridor Agreement that we signed in May this year was another land mark in our partnership”, PM Modi said.

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He further said, it manifested our clear and common determination to build new pathways for Afghanistan's economic progress and prosperity and, a month later, in June this year, we joined hands and inaugurated the Afghanistan-India Friendship Dam.

The Salma dam will revive and renew not just the economy and agriculture of the Herat region of Afghanistan. But will also build a strong and lasting pillar of support for Afghanistan's overall growth and development.

Showing support to the Afghan nation against challenge of terrorism, he said, Afghanistan is a close friend. Our societies and people have had age old ties and links. It, therefore, saddens us to see that your proud nation continues to be challenged by externally sponsored instruments and entities of violence and terror.

PM assured the people of Afghanistan that India will help them in their quest:

• To build a prosperous Afghanistan; and

• To bring peace, security and stability to their society;

Modi said that the 1.25 billion people of India will always be on their side. “Today's event is a testimony to the resolve and range of our cooperative endeavours. We want each Afghan to flourish and your society to be benefited from fruits of economic growth. Whatever may be the odds, India will work with you for a bright future for all Afghans”, he said.  

“In the end, I would like to take this opportunity to thank you and your Government for protecting Indian Embassy and Consulates and ensuring the safety and security of Indian experts working in Afghanistan”, PM said while concluding his address.