Shouting “Allah-hu-Akbar” French Muslim national stabs British woman to death
 Source : Agencies  Date : 24-Aug-2016

Sydney, August 24: A French national in Australia killed 21 year old British woman and wounded a 30-year-old British man by attacking on the pair with the knife. The injured man remains in Townsville Base Hospital in a critical condition. According to witnesses, at the time of attack killer was continuously shouting “Allah-hu-Akbar” means God is great. After the attack, the killer was arrested by Queensland state police.
The stabbing took place on Tuesday at Shelley Backpackers hostel in Home Hill, a small town located about 100km south-east of Townsville that is a popular place for backpackers to pick up agricultural work. According to state police, the killer is muslim, 29 year old and resides in Australia on a temporary visa and was not known to authorities.

Meanwhile, in the attack a dog too was killed and an alleged attacker is also admitted to Townsville Hospital for cuts to his arm. He remains there under police guard but is yet to be interviewed by detectives.

Notably, Queensland Police Service Deputy Commissioner Steve Gollschewski said that, “Initial inquiries indicate that comments which may be construed of being of an extremist nature were made by the alleged offender.” He further said that, “This person appears to have acted alone and he is a visitor to Australia and has no known local connections, however investigations are ongoing.”

Police have informed British diplomats who will attempt to contact the families. The names of the victims have not been released. Australia has experienced numerous attacks and plots by Islamic extremists in recent years, though they have typically involved local citizens.