Source: News Bharati English25 Aug 2016 12:56:17

New Delhi, August 25: Transforming his words of ‘sympathy towards PoK people’ into action, PM Modi on Wednesday approved a special package thorough which financial assistance will be given to victims of cross-border firing. The scheme titled as ‘Central Scheme for Assistance to Civilian victims of Terrorist/ Communal/Left Wing Extremist (LWE), Cross Border Firing and Mine/IED blasts on Indian Territory’ was approved by the union cabinet under the chairmanship of Prime Minister.
The scheme has increased the compensation amount form 3 lakhs to 5 lakh which will be provided to victims of terrorism all over the country including the Indo-Pak border and PoK, which usually faces cease-fire violations by Pakistan. In view of the hardships faced by the civilian populations, the Government decided to include the civilian victims of cross border firing under the scheme.

Minister of State for Prime Minister's Office Jitendra Singh said, "The Cabinet has accepted the long pending demand of compensation for victims of cross-border firing, mining explosion etc. This will be available to citizens of POJK too; if Pakistan allows the money to reach them."

The highlights of the scheme are -

  • For the first time, civilian victims of cross border firing along the Indo-Pak border will be given a compensation of Rs. 5 lakh similar to those who die due to terrorism or LWE violence.

  • The decision will provide compensation to the victims of cross border firing and enhancing the amount from Rs.3 lakh to Rs.5 lakh to the victims of terrorism or Left Wing Extremist violence

  • Now onwards, any civilian who dies anywhere in the country due to terror attack, LWE violence, firing from across the border, shelling or IED explosion will be given Rs.5 iakh as compensation uniformly. The amount will be given to the next of kin of the victim.

  • Rs. 5 lakh will also be given to those who receive 50 per cent or more disability or incapacitation due to the same reasons.

  • The compensation amount will be given subject to the condition that no employment has been provided to any of the family members of the victims by State or Central Government.

  • Till now the next of kin of persons killed or civilians who suffered permanent incapacitation as a result of such violence were paid Rs.3 lakh as per provisions of the central scheme for Assistance to Civilian Victims of Terrorist, Communal, Naxal violence since 2008.

  • Families of the victims would be eligible to get assistance under the scheme even if they have received any other assistance, by way of payment of ex-gratia or any other type of relief from the Government or any other source except when a similar scheme is already being implemented by the Central Government.