Italy shatters after earthquake; national mourning held in presence of President Sergio Mattarella
 Source : News Bharati English  Date : 27-Aug-2016

Rome, August 27: Italy began a day of national mourning on Saturday after the terrible earthquake of magnitude 6.2 that pulled Italy into the shatters. The national mourning includes a state funeral for some of the victims in Ascoli Piceno to be attended by Premier Matteo Renzi and President Sergio Mattarella.
Mattarella reached by helicopter at the edge of Amatrice, a once-picturesque stone town, and was shown the extent of the damage by the mayor, Sergio Pirozzi. The president met and thanked rescue workers who have been working since early Wednesday to save people trapped in rubble and recover the dead.

Ahead the funeral, caskets were lined up in a gym where mourners have been bidding farewell to loved ones, kneeling, crying and placing their hands on flower-covered caskets. "It is a great tragedy. There are no words to describe it," said a local resident. "Each one of us has our pain inside. We are thinking about the families who lost relatives, who lost their homes, who lost everything."

After the central Italy was hit by the earthquake of magnitude of 6.2, the residents fled their homes and ran into the streets. The terrible earthquake also left the buildings in shatters and the areas are void of power. This earthquake also sent the traces of tremors in Rome at the distance of 100 miles. Prime Minister Matteo Renzi's spokesman had said on Twitter that the government was in touch with the country's civil protection agency. The rescue operation is still underway according to the officials.