Source: Agencies27 Aug 2016 14:27:52

Peshwar, August 27: A Pakistani fan of Shah Rukh Khan was arrested on Friday for making footwear for the Bollywood star using deer skin. Actually, Pakistani shoemaker Jehangir Khan was approached by SRK’s cousin Noor Jehan to make two pairs of Peshawari chappals for the Dilwale actor.
Noor approached the Peshawar shoemaker on the special request of King Khan so that she can take the footwear to India on her next visit to meet his brother. Jehangir Khan happened to be a great fan of the Bollywood actor and hence decided to gift the special Peshawari chappals made from deer skin.

However, he shared the information about sending shoes made of deer skin with the media. After the news was broke out, local wildlife officials arrested Jehangir on Friday, who also took the pair of shoes with them. The poor shoemaker landed in jail before the shoes were able to land in India.

After the news broke, local wildlife officials had Jehangir arrested on August 26, they also took with them the deer skin and the shoes. The poor chap was put behind bars before his shoes could say 'touchdown' across the border.

However, according to latest news Jehangir has since been released from jail and he is bound to be fined after the examination of the shoes that will clarify which animal’s skin is it made up off.  “We have taken the deer skin chappals for examination to see whether they are made of deer skin or of other animal. We'll find out the result on Monday," said a wildlife official.

This is not the first time Noor Jehan is giving locally designed sandals to Shah Rukh Khan, she gifted him a pair in 1997 also. Jehangir Khan is famous for having designed a Peshawari chappal for Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif made from lion skin.