Indian Navy establishes high-level committee to uncover the truth behind ‘Scorpene data leak’  
 Source : Agencies  Date : 29-Aug-2016

New Delhi, August 29: In order to find the truth behind the leaking of confidential documents related to Scorpene submarine, the Indian Navy has set up a high-level committee to investigate into the matter. Navy Chief Admiral Sunil Lanba said that the Government has taken the matter very seriously and based on the report of the committee, the Government will take action.
"Any leak of information is viewed very seriously. We have viewed the leak of the Scorpene data very seriously and we have asked DCNS to launch an urgent investigation into this. We ourselves have set up a high-level committee to investigate into this. Based on the report of the committee, we will see what mitigation measures need to be taken," Lanba said.

An Australian newspaper published about the leak incident in which crucial information were revealed about the capacities of six Scorpene submarine, which is being manufactured by French film DCNS for Indian Navy. 

About 22000 pages containing Information related to sensors, communication and navigation have been revealed. Also, at least 500 pages give information about Torpido launch system.   Indian Navy with the help of French contractor DCNS, is manufacturing six submarine at the Mazgaon dock of Mumbai. The project is worth Rs. 23,400 crore. One of the submarines has been tested in May.  

Embattled French Defence firm DCNS approached the Supreme Court in Australia seeking an injunction against newspaper, The Australian, from further publishing the leaked documents of India's Scorpene submarine project. The DCNS has also sought a court order to the newspaper to hand over the documents in its possession and removal of the contents from its website.

Earlier, the Indian Navy has taken up the matter with Director General of Armament of the French Government expressing concern over this incident and has requested the French Government to investigate this incident with urgency and share their findings with the Indian side.