From Golwalkar To Trump – a rebuttal
Source :News Bharati English   Date :03-Aug-2016

The article, by Jawed Naqvi, the Delhi-based Correspondent of 'Dawn', captioned “From Golwalkar to Trump” published on 2nd August 2016 in the main daily of Pakistan “DAWN” ( is a masterpiece of wild imagination, deliberately donning the persecuted Muslim mentality.

The “wonderful insight” Naqvi seems to have in deciphering the political intrigue, where no one is privy to such information, certainly, adds to this mad article’s utter discreditability. For the sake of records and falsehood not getting unchallenged this article needs not only to be answered but thrashed.

  1. The first piece of imagination is the US Hindu Indians’ eagerness to play a hand in getting Donald Trump elected for his anti-Moslem stand. It became clear over the last few weeks that Hindu Indian Diaspora in the US is veering away from Trump, falling for a milder line. This happened in spite of the initial feeling of Hindu Indians that Trump will rusticate all of them as well from America. While the 'Trumpetian' doctrine of wholesale eviction of a particular community is not acceptable for any civilized country a time has come to ask – which non-Muslim country in the world today is willingly and happily ready to accept Muslims; refugees or through regular channels?

Will Jawed Naqvi answer that or will he hide behind the deliberate donning of the persecuted Muslim mentality?

  1. Then he has put Trump, Modi, and Golwalkar as having much in common. By shouting from the rooftops that Modi is horribly anti-Muslim does not make him one. Nor Golwalkar either! Naqvi writes for the Pakistani People who read DAWN. Even if 10% of its readers are adequately informed or even heard the name of Golwalkar I will say there is substance worth considering in this article. Writing to an ignorant mass has advantages. None questions the veracity.  
  1. Naqvi says – “In India, the Hindu right has laid claim to defining — rather, it has been allowed by a somnolent opposition to prescribing — what is nationalist and what isn’t.” For one, the opposition is not somnolent in India when it comes to right wing. The media and the intellectuals for the last 60 years have pulled every kind of dirty measures to see what the right-wing nationalist agenda does not get legitimacy. 
  1. Right wing nationalist agenda means injustices being done on the pious Muslims is the axiom of all Muslims. It does not need proof; it stands on its own. This is the foulest of the ploys in any society based on reason and law. 
  1. "Hindutva goons raised on political patronage, periodically bludgeons Manipuri and other people from the northeast in Delhi and elsewhere" are pure fiction, a deliberate hateful propaganda, probably taking a cue from the Outlook raking this issue. RSS and ABVP, Vivekanand Kendra and Vanavasi Kalyan Ashram and so on are working in the desperate situation to salvage the territory and the people from getting alienated from India since 1952. However much condemned this vicious lie it cannot be adequately done so. 
  1. “Mr. Trump’s veiled fear of African Americans mutates in India into physical assaults on students and visitors of dark complexion.” For two thousand years, India has given a shelter to any and every person who came, refugees, persecuted, traders, and treated them respectfully. Trump’s antipathy to Hispanics is overt. Naqvi has an x-ray vision to connect the veiled threat to African Americans to right wing atrocities on North Eastern people. 
  1. "Mr. Trump and the Hindu right have a common ancestor too: Adolf Hitler." This is a masterpiece of intellectual bankruptcy. His quote on Golwalkar praising the Jewish persecution as the pure idea of race and nationalism is absolute balderdash. We know by heart each and every line of Golwalkar, Mr. Naqvi. If you are suggesting ‘We’ as the source then let me tell you it does not exist in ‘We.’ ‘We’ was written in 1939 when the Second World War had not even started. For the sake of being sure, I went through the ‘Bunch of Thoughts’ by Golwalkar and did not find it. Mr. Naqvi this is perjury, a crime. 
  1. The second half of the quote is - “Ever since that evil day, when Moslems first landed in Hindustan, right up to the present moment, the Hindu Nation has been gallantly fighting on to take on these despoilers. The Race Spirit has been awakening.” Hindus have fought the oppressors who were Muslims, Mongols, and Turks for the last 1000 years, not the local or the converted Muslims, who also fought with Hindus against these oppressors. Arabs have been coming to India, settling on the west coast since pre-Muslim era. The ‘Ever Since’ part is falsely extending the fight to a few hundred preceding years which is blatantly false. 
  1. Naqvi as expected talks about Barkha Dutt being “popular” without realizing that barring the leftists, pseudo-secularists, and the pseudo-liberals found in Media and JNU every Indian hates her. They have called her presstitute which has not been challenged. 
  1. “Barkha Dutt’s ... row with right-wing nationalism is sadly an unequal fight” says Naqvi. It is not since it is backed by all those pseudo elements. And there is nothing like a right wing nationalism since there is no left wing nationalism anywhere. Even the famous Euro-communism simply merged with the different brands of decidedly NON-left wing nationalism. 
  1. That she and so many others of the same ilk have not been arrested is the sheerest proof of Indian or Hindu tolerance. Everyone knows about her love for the army and it is the army that hates her most. 
  1. ‘And yet, a Hindu nationalist anchor of a rival channel has demanded her arrest for her humanitarian perspective on Kashmir.’ And yet it has not been done, Mr. Naqvi!! Don’t worry about joining Barkha’s fight Mr. Naqvi. It is already too late. 
  1. Naqvi has mentioned Aamir Khan as a result of being brow beaten for his intolerance remarks. Let me tell Mr. Naqvi that Amir Khan has been thrashed long ago by the lay public, his own admirers. The snide remarks about Mr. Parrikar, are downright indecent. 
  1. Naqvi has invented a story that the right wing activists beat up teachers and journalists defending Delhi’s Jawaharlal Nehru University against official muzzling. The truth is quite contrary. If there were clashes between the ABVP and the ilk of Kanhaiya Kumar it was not a one-sided affair.

My conclusive opinion on this article is that it is a collection of vicious pieces of devilish imagination, far from the truth, making incorrect assumptions and connecting different such figments where no such situation exists, written for a gullible audience to read what it wants to read. Truth has nothing to do with it. It perpetuates age-old myths, falsehoods and fuels hate.

But I have serious doubt about how many of those who read such articles, if they do, really believe in such things.