Source: News Bharati English04 Aug 2016 14:08:01

Kolkata, Aug 4: The election of three of the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) candidates in the last Assembly elections in West Bengal is the enough proof of the party’s presence in the political arena and a strong indication that the BJP cannot be ignored in the state, said BJP National President Amit Shah.

Shah said it would be underestimating the strength of the BJP in West Bengal on the face of the fact that it only won three seas and pocketed just 10 per cent votes. Citing examples of Haryana and Assam, he said, “we had small number of MLAs in both these states but we succeeded in forming our own governments in these states now.

Similarly, In West Bengal too, the figures show that in West Bengal too, the BJP cannot be ignored any further, he asserted.  

The BJP had won Kharagpur Sadar, Vaishnabnagar, and Madarihaat assembly seats in the last elections to the state assembly. BJP contested bagged 20-30 thousand votes in 66 assembly seats; 30-40 thousand votes in 16 seats and 40-50 thousand votes in six assembly seats.

Amit Shah reiterated that the BJP’s next target was to form its own government in West Bengal after its success in Assam.