Source: Agencies06 Aug 2016 20:36:08

New Delhi, August 6: After interacting with people through Mann Ki Baat, PM Modi on Saturday had a talk with citizen across the country while addressing a town hall meeting which was organized to mark the two years of MyGov- the government platform to engage with citizen. While interacting with citizens, PM talked about economic development, good governance, agriculture, healthcare and even Cow protectors.

Criticizing the people with fake personality of cow protectors, he said “I feel angry when people, in the name of cow protection do business. Many people claim to be cow protectors just to hide their illegal trade. Cows mostly die of eating plastic bags and these cow protectors should urge people not to throw plastic on roads, this will be a big service”.

He asked state governments to prepare dossiers on the so-called cow protectors as 80% of them do illegal activities at night and become cow protectors in the day, asserting that running such help groups does not mean harassing others.

While speaking about economic development PM said, “Economic development should be constant; it shouldn’t go up and down. This is necessary for us to be at the top. Tourism will boost our economy, we should try and drive our economy. If we achieve 8% growth rate for 30 years then, we will be at the top. The world is in recession. Despite the purchasing capacity of world going down, we have a growth rate of 7.6%”.

Enlightening the importance of health in daily life, PM mentioned that Public health is weak because we are ignorant towards preventive health measures. “If we are able to deliver safe and pure drinking water, diseases will recede automatically. Be it yoga, exercise or eating habits, we have to focus on preventive and affordable healthcare”, he said.

Clearing the idea of good Governance, PM said that Governments often think only about winning the next election and shape their policies accordingly. Responsibility with accountability is the hallmark of good governance. Good governance means redundant processes don't exist.

Embeded ObjectCalling agriculture an important sector of country, Modi said, “The agriculture sector in India is under a lot of pressure. If there's one sector that can power the economy, it's the agricultural sector. We are working towards making water available to farmers and their farms. We want to focus on value addition within the agriculture sector via eMarkets”.

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Appreciating the benefit of E-visa towards tourism, he said, “E-visas have helped boost tourism. If thousands of tourists come to India, our cultural heritage will be converted into economic development. The Taj Mahal is a source of income for so many people today. We should use our tradition and culture to attract tourists”.

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PM also informed about selection of 300 villages for ‘rurban mission’. Smart city is a concept for cities and villages both. Facilities available in urban areas should be available to the rural as well. We have identified 300 places as part of our 'rurban mission'. They can potentially become development centres. They will have the soul of a village but facilities of a city, said Modi.