Tropical Storm Earl in Mexico kills several people in multiple mudslides; south-western Mexico on alert
 Source : News Bharati English  Date : 08-Aug-2016

Mexico, August 8: Mexico was hit by a terrible Tropical Storm Earl on Sunday, which killed at least 38 people according to the reports. At least 28 people died in multiple mudslides in the mountainous north of Puebla state and 25 Huaucinango. Also, three were dead in Tlaola.
Most of the deaths were reported in the eastern states of Veracruz and Puebla, where heavy rains sent rocks and mud cascading down mountains and hills, burying homes and flooding roads. Another 10 people died in neighboring Veracruz state, buried in landslides after intense rainfall and flooding, Governor Javier Duarte said in a post on Twitter on Sunday.“We continue to monitor rivers that are above critical levels,” said Duarte in another Twitter post.

US National Hurricane Center said on Sunday that a new tropical storm, Javier, had formed off the country’s Pacific Coast. avier had sustained winds of about 75kmh and was staying offshore from Mexico’s southwestern coast. Forecasters said Javier would approach the resort-dotted southern portion of the Baja California Peninsula by early Tuesday, bringing heavy rain of 10-20cm. Meanwhile, forecasters have posted a Tropical Storm Warning for southwestern Mexico.