Adi tribe begins Agro-based ‘Solung’ Festival in Arunachal Pradesh
 Source : News Bharati English  Date : 01-Sep-2016

Depi, September 1: Arunachal Pradesh began the celebration of Solung festival from Thursday. This festival is celebrated by the Adi tribe of Arunachal Pradesh. The festival which is celebrated in the first week of of September every year for 5 days is an agro based festival of India. The festival is also symbolizes the socio-religious aspects of Adi community.
Community people of all walks of life gathered at Depi village community hall. Ceremonial Mithun sacrifice, Taku-Taabat, discussion on mythological aspects on Solung festival, offerings and prayers to Kiine-Naane for bumper harvest were the major features of the fest. The celebration at Depi village under Nari Circle was attended by former MP Tapir Gao, public leader Karto Kaye of Nari and others.

Gao urged the community members not to mix politics with the culture while Karto Kaye urged the community members to preserve their age-old rich traditional culture to keep their ethnic identity intact. Solung will be celebrated in a grand manner at Pasighat and Ruksin on September 9 and 15 respectively along with the celebrations going on at the village level.

The festival also highlights the care and protection of animals which are vital components of their family and social life. Community’s cultural, socio-economic and spiritual values are enhanced along with merry-making and feasting.