Is Pakistani govt muzzling Baloch language?
 Source : News Bharati English  Date : 10-Sep-2016

{What the Pakistani rulers did in erstwhile East Bengal, now Bangladesh, is being repeated in Balochistan now. The Pakistani rulers are hell bent on imposing Urdu against the Baloch language in the area. Here is the latest account of how the Pakistani rulers are destroying the Baloch language. Ashraf Sherjan, Jr Vice President of Baloch Republican Party, Germany Chapter, narrates the atrocities committed by the Pakistani officials and police to destroy Baloch language. - Editor}

This is not the first time that Pakistani army has raided bookshops in Balochistan, in past they did same many times.

It shows very clearly that Pakistani government doesn't want Baloch nation to have the education of their own culture, tradition, and language.

We should not forget all those missing Baloch persons who are untraceable for many years, most of them are Baloch teachers & students. It is feared that many of them might have been killed and dumped by Pakistani forces after their abduction and torture in the torture cells. Few good examples are Prof Saba

Prominent among these missing persons are Prof Saba Dashtayri, Zahid Baloch, a leader of (BSO) and the most recent case is that of Abdul Wahid Baloch. The list of missing Baloch teachers and students is increasing with each passing day.

This is true. Urdu is the language used in Pakistani schools. In Balochistan also, they are using Urdu language books. Only in Sindh, they have very few classes to learn the Sindhi language to read and write.

“I am ashamed to say that I am a Baloch. My language is Balochi, but sorry, I can't read or write in Balochi because I was never allowed to learn my own language, it is forbidden.”

“Pakistan could take lessons from countries like Sweden and the United Kingdom, where both are teaching Balochi at the university level. Oman and Bahrain also are providing Balochi language classes to Baloch communities living there. It is lamentable that in my own country (Balochistan), teaching of Balochi language is banned,”

"The Urdu language is imposed on the Baloch in schools, but approximately 8.5 million Baloch don't speak Urdu in their homes. They only speak Balochi and Brahvi."

The day is not far when people from other parts of Pakistan would impose their language and culture on the indigenous people of Balochistan, "not soon, but after generations."

According to the UNESCO policy paper, both Pakistan and Bangladesh continue to face language-related political challenges.

(Ashraf Sherjan is the Junior Vice-President of Baloch Republican Party, Germany Chapter. The views produced here are taken from his facebook post