Source: News Bharati English11 Sep 2016 16:45:38

Kabul, September 11: Afghanistan warned that it will shut down Afghan transit route for Pakistani exports to Central Asia if Pakistan does not allow Afghan traders to use Lahore's Wagah border for trade with India. The statement came following Pakistan's decision to install a new mechanism at Torkham border that will bound every Afghan to carry valid travelling document for crossing the border.
Afghan President Ashraf Ghani said "If Pakistan does not allow Afghan traders to use the Wagah border; Afghanistan will also not allow Pakistan to use Afghan transit routes to reach Central Asia for exports,” He said that in a meeting with Owen Jenkins, UK's special envoy for Afghanistan and Pakistan in Kabul. He further added that Afghanistan is no more a landlocked country as it has many transit routes for the import and export of goods. He informed that Kabul was making efforts to boost economic cooperation in the region. He also made it clear that they wanted Islamabad and other regional countries to remove all technical problems that create obstacles in economic cooperation.

According to the reports, the sources from Afghanistan informed that Pakistan was reluctant to grant permission to Kabul to use land route to deliver goods at the Indian border town of Attari via Wagah in view its relations with New Delhi. However, they added that they asked that our goods, mostly fresh fruit, be allowed to go up to Attari and then transferred to Indian trucks in a back to back arrangement which will enhance export of fruit to India, besides reducing cost.

The statement said that,” Support to the terrorist groups is an action contrary to the good neighbourhood and all international norms and action of the neighbouring country is no more acceptable to the people and government of Afghanistan," where Afghan president accused Pakistan of sponsoring terrorism, saying the recently terrorist attack showed that the terrorists were funded from outside, according to the sources.