Musical power and not Muscle power is the need of the hour…"Ishanya Symphony"
 Source : News Bharati English  Date : 16-Sep-2016

Musical power and not Muscle power is the need of the hour…"Ishanya Symphony"

Report by Shruti Bujarbaruah
Sangeet Nipun, Nalbari ( Assam)

With a noble message of "Musical power and not Muscle power is the need of the hour", a musical audio  MP3 CD  album titled “Ishanya Symphony” hs been launched on 27th August  2016 at Guwahati.

The Chief Guest of the function was Assam's Cultural affairs Minister Nabakumar Doley, who released the musical treat “Ishanya Symphony” Album audio MP3 CD and the  compendium of  lyrics-Booklet published , first of its kind in Devnagari script. He also released another audio CD produced by Samskar Bharati Assam Prant , songs rendered in Asamiya language. The title of the CD was “Jayatu Janani” organized by Ms.Babita Sharma from Guwahati.

First of its kind in Poorvanchal region (all seven Sisters States  viz., Arunachal Pradesh, Assam, Manipur, Meghalaya, Mizoram , Nagaland, Tripura and Sikkim) the music album of patriotic songs from North East is produced by a Pune based Public Trust called ‘Samshodhan Dnyan Vichar Pratishthan’, was organized  at the Vivekanand Hall in Guwahati on Saturday the  27th August  2016.

The album was released in the august presence of Shri Swantranjan, Akhil Bharatiya Boudhik Pramukh, Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh, Dr.Umesh Chakrawarti, Assam Prant Sanghchalak, who graced the occasion.

Dr. Sharad V.Khare, Director of the Vivekanand Institute of Social Sciences Research, Pune and Veteran actor and  a renowned artist  in Assam, Shri Pranjal Saikia, who is also the President of Assam Unit of Samskar  Bharati, presided over the function.

Minister Naba Kumar Doley delivered  his short but thought provoking speech. In his speech, he gave much importance to the need for arranging such a programme. He congratulated all the singers gathered  from different states.

“Development of the tribal communities leads to the overall development of the society, and therefore, as the Culture Minister, I will always try my best to do for the development of such communities”

He highly encouraged all the singers who travelled all the way from Assam to Pune to record their songs. He also congratulated ‘Sanskar Bharati of Assam Prant’ for arranging such a wonderful programme.

Explaining the idea Dr. Sharad Khare said that it was an idea initiated by RSS Sahsarkaryavaha Dattaji Hosbale and Shri Bhagaiaji which was executed by the Pune based Samshodhan Dnyan Vichar Pratishthan,Trust.
Dr Khare told that the songs, its lyrics, the lyricists did belong to RSS thought and the theme, and It took two years for its completion.

Dr. Khare further maintained that Poorvanchal was a very strategic region esp. in the context of  international  relations. However given the region , music and not muscle power could bring about social harmony and peace , albeit it has to be tried. The 23 Jana-Jati communities in their youth  have shown the way . Now it needs to be pursued relentlessly.

13 young artists to the audience in the Hall  who had come all the way to Guwahati from far away Arunachal Pradesh, Manipur, Nagaland, Meghalaya,  and far-off district places in Assam too.

Nationalism, Bharatmata, Dr.Hedgewar and Shri Guruji’s inspiring life for all mankind,  were the scintillating themes of the songs and music rendered  in the Album, Dr.Khare submitted.

The artists who performed in the music album were introduced and felicitated in the function.

The performers are namely-
Ms. Malini  of Karbi, Oyien Pertin from Adi of  Arunachal Pradesh, Ahungle Palme from Zemenaga , Sarvashri Balaram Phangcho from Karbi, Dwaimalu from Bodo Land, Dharanidhar Bordoloi,  Tapan Bordoloi and Burman Pater from Tivalalung, Saurabh Chinte from Missing, Romen Kemprai from Dimasa, Sahil Bay from Karbi,T.Dineshwar Singh and  Jeevan Singh from Manipur, Chiranjeev from Garo Hills , Neeranand from Khasi Hills and Mrs. Mallika Thakuria Das of  Golpara  District, who had contributed Rabha songs in the Album,  was the following attraction in the programme.

Six artists from  various Jana-Jatis  who had come all the way, rendered  enthralling  melodies  live, their contribution which they had made in the Album for the enjoyment of the audience now present in the Hall.

All the artists present were presented with specially designed  trophies/ mementoes for their contributions in the Album at the august hands of the Minister Shri Naba Kumar Doley and other dignitaries on the dais.

In his speech, Assam Prant Sanghchalak  Dr Umesh Chakravarty highlighted the role played by the tribal communities in our society. “It is a great step to make them realize that they too are  indivisible  part of the society”,  Dr. Chakravarty submitted. He  further  maintained  that music has always been the most effective medium to win the hearts  of the people. During the period of Vaishnavite Movement in Assam, Shankardeva used music as an instrument to bring all people, irrespective of caste and creed, all together. He also sang two lines of a ‘Borgeet’ composed by Shankardeva. He also said that the new generation should listen and learn such ‘Sangha Geets’ which are replete with  patriotic feelings, motherland, inspiring lives of Dr. Hedgewar and Golwalkar Guruji.  Dr.Umesh Chakravarti  specifically  made a mention  of  Dr.Sharad Khare, the producer of the Album, and his thoughtful initiative in organizing the Album with his tireless enthusiasm and fervor in our social life. He congratulated him .

In his presidential address, Shri Pranjalji  Saikia ,  President of the Assam Prant Samskar Bharati, mentioned that this is the first time that artists  from  the entire ‘North-East States’ came together on one common platform. He appreciated Dr. Khare’s effort to make it possible. It is not an easy task to bind all the tribal communities together with a musical bond. He also said that tribal people are musically very rich. Music is in their blood. But most of the time, due to some reasons, they don’t get exposed. He thanked Dr.Khare and his  entire team of  performing artists for giving these young artists  such a golden opportunity to expose and enhance their talents in the field of music and art. He emphatically advocated the need of the life-long ‘samskar’ upon the youth in the society  in order to fight all the evils of corruption in our nation. Music will do the function with the primacy of Sangh samskar  imbibed  upon  the minds of the young-ones in India and ‘one India programme ‘.

This function was hosted by “Samskar  Bharati, Assam Prant, Guwahati.