Baloch students protest against Pakistan's atrocities; thanks PM Modi for support
 Source : News Bharati English  Date : 18-Sep-2016

Berlin, September 18: Yet another demonstration was held against Pakistan's atrocities on civilians across Balochistan on Sunday by the Baloch Republican Students Organization's (BRSO), Germany. The protesters raised slogans hailing Prime Minister Narendra Modi and voiced against Pakistan.
The protest by the organization was uplifted by the distribution of pamphlets to spread awareness on Pakistan's occupation of Balochistan and violation of human rights. They also had the slogans included as "Pakistan Murdabad, Thank You Modi", according to the reports.

"Military operation has been escalating in Dera Bugti. Hundreds of Baloch civilians have been abducted and around 90 have been killed, mostly women and children, by the Pakistan army," said the spokesperson of BRSO. He added in a statement that the protest aimed the core objective of highlighting the state's atrocities on civilians across Balochistan, including Dera Bugti.

He also further added that the human rights organization has been silent on this issue, despite the fact that human rights violations, abduction and killing of Baloch people by the Pakistan army have become a regular practice in Balochistan.

He said, “Post India’s Prime Minister Narendra Modi's remarks on genocide in Balochistan, Pakistan has stepped up its operation there. In the last 10 days they have killed around 90 people, but no one is raising voice against it or reporting it. They are forcibly shutting down our book shops where people go to read our literature and are raiding houses and kidnapping the family members of our activists."

The spokesperson also further requested Prime Minister Modi to form a committee that could represent the issue of Balochistan in the United Nations and wanted to thank him and the Indian media for highlighting the issue.