Source: News Bharati English20 Sep 2016 13:47:48

Kinshasa, September 20: In the latest round of violence, Police and demonstrators clashed in the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC) on Monday that was triggered by the ongoing political crisis in the troubled central African state. According to the reports, at least 17 people were seen dead in the Kinshasa that is the capital. Also, protesters beat at least one police officer to death according to the witnesses.
Since Joseph Kabila, the president, announced that elections scheduled for later this year would be delayed, the DRC has suffered repeated bouts of unrest. Evariste Boshab, Interior Minister informed that 14 civilians involved in looting" and three police officers were killed. He also added that one of the police officers was burnt alive. The heavy clashes erupted in the capital ahead of a planned mass opposition rally.

The opponents of Kabila, whose second term in power expires in December, are of the opinion that he is seeking to cling to power undemocratically. Meanwhile his supporters point out that logistical and financial constraints mean it is impossible to hold fair polls as planned. “The government will be redone. We will put in place a government that we will co-manage between the presidential majority, the opposition and civil society,” said Alexis Thambwe Mwamba.

Democratic Republic of the Congo has a population of more than 79 million and the area makes it approximately two-thirds the size of Western Europe. There has never been a peaceful, democratic transition of power, post independence from Belgium in 1960.