Source: News Bharati English21 Sep 2016 14:24:32

Beijing, September 21: Chinese Authority showed their response to the controversial project of (China-Pakistan Economic Corridor) CPEC, which is allegedly being constructed in parts of PoK and with widely destruction of Balochistan resources.  
This economic corridor known as CPEC is a billion dollars project initiated by both the China and Pakistan countries on the part of land which legally belongs to India but in illegal occupation of Pakistan. Lu Kang was asked during his weekly press conference about the consequences of the CPEC project which is being constructed through a region which is facing frequent terrorist attacks.

Issuing response to the current strained relations between India and Pakistan and the frequent terrorist attacks and violent conflicts in this region, Chinese Foreign minister Lu Kang said that the goal of the CPEC is to serve the region by facilitating better development of regional countries. “Naturally, relevant parties are required to make concerted efforts to ensure a safe, sound and favorable environment for the CPEC”, Kang said.

“As I said earlier, we have been following the tension in this region, including in Kashmir recently. The Chinese government holds a position that all relevant parties can join hands to resolve these issues through friendly consultation and uphold regional peace and security, as this is in the fundamental and common interests of all regional countries, China, Pakistan and India included”.